Saturday, October 6, 2012

Work to Aquarium to Home



Name Work to Aquarium to Home
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 10/6/2012 11:41 AM (UTC-05:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 12.53 mi Time 01:44:33.0
Time Moving 01:44:33.0 Stopped 00:00:17.0
Average pace 08:20 min/mi Max. pace 01:46 min/mi
Weather PartClouds; 49.1 °F
Calories 1532 kCal
11 mi.@ 8:51

This run was tough from the first step. I don't know if I wished this on myself or simply have enough experience to have known it was coming. Any way it was a challenge the whole way.

I went into work for a few hours this morning then turned my sights for home. I knew the route straight home would only get me 9 miles so I stayed on the south side of the river along the Riverwalk then went down to the Shedd Aquarium. Notre Dame is playing Miami at Soldier Field today so there was a bunch of extracuricular acitivities going on. The marathon finish was also getting set up for tomorrow so there was a bunch of activity in the park for that.

I didn't stop for water anywhere along the way. I did stop at the boat to use the restroom. I don't know what my problem was. I simply had no energy. My legs were a little sore but nothing too bad. I'll gladly take tomorrow's rest day then get back at it next week.

Days like this have to happen to remind there's a lot of work to be done yet!

Had passing thoughts about missing today's St. George marathon for the first time in 5 years. It's disappointing but at the same time seems like it was meant to be.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Lakefront 4



Name Lakefront 4
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 10/5/2012 6:48 AM (UTC-05:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 4.17 mi Time 00:33:18.0
Time Moving 00:33:18.0 Stopped 00:00:01.0
Average pace 07:59 min/mi Max. pace 07:24 min/mi
Weather PartClouds; 44.2 °F
Calories 527 kCal
3 mi.@ 8:51

Yes, I ran a mile farther than scheduled. Yes, I ran 52 seconds per mile faster than scheduled. Yes, today was supposed to be a rest day. Yes, tomorrow is a long run.

So what? I felt good so I just let it go. There was something going on out there this morning. I don't know if it was the cool temperatures or if my training is now gaining some traction or if it just happened to be "one of those days". Whatever. I'm eager to see what tomorrow brings.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Garmin Fail Results in Broken Intervals

1 mi. WU
4x800m @ 6:38 (3:19) w/400m easy recoveries
1 mi. CD

Garmin greeted me with a "Battery Low" warning before I even started. I didn't have time to wait for a charge so I grabbed my Ironman and wondered what workout I would do. 800 meter intervals surely wouldn't work well without the Garmin to apprise me of distance and pace. These thoughts were leading to a place where this workout was at risk of being completed. I had already ducked out on it yesterday for the simple reason that I knew it was going to be hard. This occurred to me as I was sorting through the workout possibilities while making my way over to the trail. I decided to simply do it ... it being the scheduled workout.

800 meters at 6:38 per mile pace would take about 3:19 to complete. I would just ran for 3:19 and stop at the closest obvious stopping place. I'd try to "feel my way" to 6:38 pace without anything to guide me other than feel.

After warming up the first interval began at the soccer fields. I knew this would take me through a major intersection but that would be shorter than 800 meters. I'd keep going ... to the next major intersection. It took me 3:16. I thought the distance may have been I little short. I ran really easy for around 2:30 then took off after I got through another major intersection. I went for 3:27. I'm not sure the distance. It felt long. I went out easy to where I thought the turnaround point of my 5-mile runs is (or was it 5.5 mile?). I turned and came back. Rather than confuse things by running different stretches for the intervals over the return, I decided to cover the exact same stretch in reverse. The goal would be to beat my times from the outbound legs. 3:18 for the third interval over the same stretch as the 3:27. Mission accomplished but probably had too long of a rest leg. After a third rest leg (less than 3 minutes), legged out 3:23 over the fourth and final interval. That didn't beat the opening 3:16 over the same distance but it was in the neighborhood and I was pretty drained. Eased it back home over the remaining mile.

So what was accomplished, I got the workout in and it was productive. But that's not the whole story. Using an online map system, I plotted the distances of each leg. I was completely satisfied when the results came back as:

.4896 mi. (788 meters)
.5036 mi. (810 meters)
.5122 mi. (824 meters)
.5179 mi. (833 meters)

(Yes, intervals 1 and 4 should be the same and so should 2 and 3. But I plotted them both directions and acknowledge the precision in the plotting is not what the four decimal places suggests.)

So I did run 4 800-meter intervals! And I was pretty much right on my target pace. All without a Garmin to keep me on point. Happy runner!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IT band exercises at home (put myself on a clock to time the cadence of each exercise ... I think I've been doing a couple of the wrong ... especially the squats!)

Train to work.

Spin at the gym:
10 min. WU progressively moving resistance up to 9
Tabata intervals = 8x20 sec. all out w/10 sec. rest
10 min. CD

Okay this is getting interesting. Maximum heart rate today was 162. I still don't have enough data points to have a conclusion but 165, 163 and 162 is certainly a tightly grouped set. I'm thinking that I may need to wear my heart rate strap for race or running interval workout. They last longer and my theory is that my heart rate would continue to push up beyond what I'm seeing with the short-bust Tabata intervals.

FWIW, distance traveled ~6.2 mi.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lakefront 4M



Name Lakefront 4M
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 10/1/2012 5:10 AM (UTC-05:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 4.20 mi Time 00:36:00.0
Time Moving 00:36:00.0 Stopped 00:00:00.0
Average pace 08:34 min/mi Max. pace 07:41 min/mi
Weather PartClouds; 55.4 °F
Calories 523 kCal
Easy Run : 4 mi.@ 8:51

Uneventful cruise this morning. Felt pretty good after yesterday's complete rest day.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lakefront to Pier to Office

For some reason Garmin import is overstating my total distance as 10.28 mi. The split distance total (and upload to other platforms) is correct with the total distance as 10.01 mi. making the correct overall pace 8:20/mi.


Name Lakefront to Pier to Office
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 9/29/2012 7:20 AM (UTC-05:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 10.28 mi Time 01:22:47.0
Time Moving 01:22:47.0 Stopped 00:00:35.0
Average pace 08:03 min/mi Max. pace 04:20 min/mi
Weather PartClouds; 52.2 °F
Calories 1297 kCal
10 mi.@ 8:54

Started out sluggish and feeling "heavy" this morning. A couple miles in I started engaging in some "self-talk" about running cutdowns. Decided to try cutting the pace 5 seconds per mile the rest of the way into the office. Also decided no stopping for water breaks. Really happy with how this turned out. My pace over the last ~3 miles was solid and I felt fine.


No Start
Duration Distance Average
1 7:20:26 AM 0.00 mi 00:08:59.0 1.00 mi 08:59 min/mi
2 7:30:27 AM 1.00 mi 00:08:47.7 1.00 mi 08:47 min/mi
3 7:39:15 AM 2.00 mi 00:08:30.9 1.00 mi 08:30 min/mi
4 7:47:45 AM 3.00 mi 00:08:29.0 1.00 mi 08:29 min/mi
5 7:56:14 AM 4.00 mi 00:08:20.0 1.00 mi 08:20 min/mi
6 8:04:35 AM 5.00 mi 00:08:13.0 1.00 mi 08:13 min/mi
7 8:12:48 AM 6.00 mi 00:08:07.0 1.00 mi 08:07 min/mi
8 8:20:54 AM 7.00 mi 00:07:58.7 1.00 mi 07:58 min/mi
9 8:28:53 AM 8.00 mi 00:07:59.1 1.00 mi 07:59 min/mi
10 8:37:20 AM 9.00 mi 00:07:52.1 1.00 mi 07:52 min/mi
11 8:45:12 AM 10.00 mi 00:00:04.7 0.00 mi - min/mi
Totals: 01:22:47.0 10.28 mi 08:03 min/mi

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