Monday, January 13, 2014

4M Easy


Name 4M Easy
Location Houston, TX
Start Time 1/13/2014 5:25 AM (UTC-06:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 4.24 mi Time 00:37:40.0
Time Moving 00:37:40.0 Stopped 00:00:00.0
Average pace 08:52 min/mi Max. pace 07:44 min/mi
Weather Cloudy; 63.7 °F
4 mi.@ 8:58

So, it's been a while .... Pneumonia robbed me of the last 5 weeks of training. Granted it didn't start out as pneumonia but somewhere along the way that's what it became.

I was as weak as a kitten out there this morning. It felt like I had a 45-pound plate on my chest. After 3 miles, I ended up walking for about half a mile. I simply needed to catch my breath.

This is going to be a fun comeback ....

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