Sunday, May 11, 2014

After yesterday's 10k race debacle, I've decided to go back to Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training for Runners. I've got to get it out of my head that I'm the runner I was a 3 years ago. I'm a lot closer to the runner I was 7 years ago. This is the pathway back. Given age and health seem to be working against me, I look forward to seeing how far back I can actually go.


Proprioceptive Cue: Falling Forward

MON Base Run + Drills 3 mi.@base pace

TUE Hill Repeats Dynamic stretching warmup; 1.5 mi. warmup@recovery pace; 1x30 sec. hill repeat@relaxed sprint; 1.5 pace

WED Nonimpact Cardio & Resistance Workout 20-30 min.@recovery pace

THU Fartlek dynamic stretching warmup; 3 mi.@ base pace w/2x30 sec. intervals @ 1-mi. pace mixed in

FRI Resistance Workout

SAT Base Run 4 mi.@base pace

SUN Rest

This week's drills consist of:
running no arms 20 sec.
one-leg hop 20 sec.

This week's resistance workouts consist of:
1 set each
lying hip abduction
cook hip lift
kneeling overhead draw-in
knee fall-out
squat jump (Wednesday only)
broad jump (Friday only)