Sunday, December 18, 2011

4 mi.@ 8:21-9:31 w/4x30 sec. hill sprints @ relaxed sprint speed w/2 min. active recoveries

5.33 mi.@ 8:19 w/4x30 sec. hill repeats w/2 min. active recoveries

6:59 AM 30° 63% 0 mph

This was a makeup of the workout I missed last Tuesday. Felt okay. Since I went out after sun rise, I could see the surroundings much better. While running the overpass on Wilson Road as my pseudo hill, I spied a huge, steep grassy hill about 3/4 mile away. I didn't go investigate because it looked like there was still snow and ice on the hill from yesterday's mini-storm. I'm thinking this is going to be the place for me to run hills. However, I'm guessing during winter this spot turns into a sledding run so I will most likely need to be selective as to when I run there and once the snow is here to stay, I doubt I'll be able to get onto that hill.

post run
chocolate almond milk, multivitamin, chicken sausage, 2 eggs, smoothie (strawberry, banana, raspberry, blackberry, honey almond milk, spirulina)