Friday, October 12, 2012

St. Regis Hotel around The Mall & Back



Name St. Regis Hotel around The Mall & Back
Location Washington, DC
Start Time 10/12/2012 4:47 AM (UTC-05:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 6.53 mi Time 00:57:49.0
Time Moving 00:57:49.0 Stopped 00:00:29.0
Average pace 08:51 min/mi Max. pace 05:13 min/mi
Weather PartClouds; 43.2 °F
Calories 786 kCal

It was a crisp morning and this was a much-needed run. There was a lot of stop-and-go along the streets to and from The Mall even in the pre-dawn hour. I was the only person at the Lincoln Memorial, my favorite spot in DC. I also like the Korean War Memorial so I detoured over to see it after visiting Abe. The sculpted combat soldiers in the dim lighting of the display were haunting, as always. The Vietnam War Memorial always has a reverent feel to me, day or night.

I went back up to the Capitol Building then found Pennsylvania Avenue to 15th Street to K Street and the hotel.

This was a good run.

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Only person visiting Abe at this hour ....
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