Saturday, January 14, 2012

The finish:

Meb 2:09:08
Ryan 2:09:30
Abdi 2:09:47

Paul #55 2:20:31

Shalane 2:25:38
Desi 2:25:55
Kara 2:26:06

Ariana #29 2:37:37

This was an amazing spectacular of distance running. Everyone poured their heart into it and it showed. Congratulations to the participants what a huge accomplishment to be considered in such rarefied air!


21.5 mi. Into it.

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Then there were 3. Ryan abet & meb.
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Leaders thru 15. Now there are 4.
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Expect to see signs of carnage from hot start next time I catch men.
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Stephen shay & Paul in big group back. Estimate 35 in front of them.

These are our country's finest athletes
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1:03 in for men. 5 up front. Huge gap on pack. Meb month abdi ryan.
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Ladies thru 7. 9 in front. Expected crew. Ari not far back. Looks strong. Running hell of race to this point.
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Missed ladies @ 4. Working back to them now.

Guys living the dream today. Absolutely going for it with no fear. Some will die along the way but they gave all. Will a new legend be born today?
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MILE 8. Lead group of 6 RH meb et al. Came thru arnd 3825. Really hot. Paul around 4050. Bunch of casualties expected.
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Ladies came through Mile 1. All together. Saw Shalane. Didn't see Ariana.
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Saw Paul back a bit but looked really comfortable. He's smart not to get caught up in madness up front.
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Pace is really hot through Mile 3. Ryan leads a group up front including Meb & 4 or 6 others. Gotta believe the pace is too fast. Expect casualties.
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Cool day in Houston. Wind blowing in city. Buildings channeling wind. Probably around 40F. I'm @ Mile 1. Big group moving fast ... even by their standards.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Olympic Marathon Trials are Saturday in Houston. I believe this is the first time the same city has hosted both men's and women's trials. The top three finishers qualify for the 2012 London Olympic team. I've been eagerly awaiting this event ever since it was announced (a couple years ago?). I hope to break away from Chicago and make it to Houston to watch the elite athletes compete in this once-every-four-years event.

Of course the top elites will be there which I look forward to seeing ... the likes of Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher, Dathan Ritzehein, and Shalane Flanigan.

However my two "favorites" are Paul Petersen and Ariana Hilborn. I've followed their running exploits for about 5 years. I "met" Paul on He competed in New York at the last Trials and had a fantastic marathon. Since then, he has had some serious health issues which called into question his running future. But he's back and running strong. He hopes for a Top 25 finish in what has been called the fastest US marathon field ever.

I met Ariana on We even exchanged messages of training and race encouragement over the years. She started out as a "ordinary" runner but quickly developed into extraordinary. She's always positive and upbeat in her approach to training and expects a lot from herself. She has had some very fast races with impressive finishes over the past several months leading up to the Trials.

So while everyone else is cheering for Ryan and Kara, I'll be looking for Ariana and Paul. Two amazing athletes running in Saturday's Trials.

*** Weather forecast looks really good for running on Saturday. However, I don't expect record times. The course has been set to somewhat emulate the London Olympic course which means there are a bunch of turns. The course is flat but technical. It also happens to be in the same location as most of my Saturday runs over the past 5 years. ***


Monday, January 9, 2012

Activity starting: 1/9/2012 5:18 AM

1/9/2012 5:18 AM: Running - Chicago, IL - 6.27 mi - 00:51:40.0 h


Name Lakefront 6M
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 1/9/2012 5:18 AM (UTC-06:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 6.27 mi Time 00:51:40.0
Time Moving 00:51:40.0 Stopped 00:00:08.0
Average pace 08:14 min/mi Max. pace 06:49 min/mi
Total Ascent 158 ft
+25 ft/mi
Total Descent -151 ft
-24 ft/mi
Weather Clouds; 31.4 °F
Calories 782 kCal
Notes objective
6 mi.@ 7:31-8:20
2x20 sec. bounding
2x20 sec. running no arms

Unseasonably warm stretch of Chicago weather continues. Forecast suggests that will change later this weekend.

Legs were heavy. They were yesterday too. I was blaming that on Saturday's longer run but realized this morning that it is more likely that it is due to the stretches after Saturday's run. Legs aren't used to that yet!

Had a good mental frame of mind this morning and got a good night's sleep.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Activity starting: 1/8/2012 9:13 AM

1/8/2012 9:13 AM: Running - Chicago, IL - 5.58 mi - 00:45:27.0 h


Name Lakefront 5.5M
Location Chicago, IL
Start Time 1/8/2012 9:13 AM (UTC-06:00) Category My Activities:Running
Distance 5.58 mi Time 00:45:27.0
Time Moving 00:45:27.0 Stopped 00:00:02.0
Average pace 08:08 min/mi Max. pace 07:04 min/mi
Total Ascent 131 ft
+23 ft/mi
Total Descent -132 ft
-24 ft/mi
Weather ChanceRain; 39.2 °F
Calories 704 kCal
Notes objective
5.5 mi.@ 7:31-8:20

Beautiful morning along the Lakefront.

A few weeks ago, I tweaked my ankle at the beginning of an early morning run. It was dark at the intersection of Sheridan and Ardmore. I thought I stepped in a hole in the pavement as I as crossing the intersection. Well, today I found out exactly what it was as I did the exact same thing in broad daylight. Note to self: when crossing Sheridan at Ardmore from the southwest side, about 3 strides into the intersection there is about a 4" circular build up of pavement. It looks like it may be a sort of pipe cover. Don't get so caught up with watching traffic and starting Garmin, that I fail to side step this ankle breaker!

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This was after my run in 14°F last Tuesday. My Chicago version of the Ninja runner is much more authentic than the Houston version!