Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bayou 6


Name Bayou 6
Location Houston, TX
Start Time 3/16/2013 - Category My Activities:Running
Distance 6.20 mi Time 00:00:00.0
Time Moving 00:00:00.0 Stopped 00:00:00.0
Weather Clear
Notes Late wake-up after last night's rodeo.

Knew that a Houston group (including Josh) was running 20 miles today and that, after a 6 AM start, they would be hitting Miles 8 and 9 near downtown. My quick math suggested they'd be nearest my hotel around 7:20 AM. Got ready, went out to Sabine Bridge then started working my way back along their planned route. Didn't even go a mile when I spotted them on the other side of the bayou. Turned around and stalked them back to Sabine where they came up from the path for a water stop. It was good to see Josh and meet other Houston runners. Ran with them to Shepherd. Their ~8 minute per mile pace was a little hot for me given my current fitness (i.e., zero) but had a good chat with Josh before turning back to downtown and a slower pace ....

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