Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike Human Race 10K


WU - 0.51 mi.
10K - 47:59

7:13 AM 79° 79% 5 mph

This "race" really wasn't part of the plan. Nike put on a worldwide 10K race today. There were something like 25 race locations around the world. If you weren't able to make it to a race location, you could use your Nike+ gear to record your race information and upload it. That way anyone, anywhere could run. A third, hybrid option presented itself. Finish Line, a running store, hosted the "race" here in Houston. It ended up being two plus loops at Memorial Park and wasn't time. I took my Nike+ gear so I could upload my time. My legs were pretty heavy given yesterday's long run. Therefore, I was planning to run this one around an 8:50/mile pace just to stretch out and experience the event.

Coincidentally I saw Jonathan right before the race started. He was supposed to be in Louisiana for the LSU football game but didn't go due to the hurricane. I ran with him and a couple of his running acquaintances. It was good to have others to take the tour with. Once we got going, I was surprised at how good my legs felt. We ran a nice even pace and I was very happy with how it turned out. Here are my mile splits:

1:06 (0.18 mi.) = 6:14/mi.

So this effectively turned into a long, slow tempo run ... ???

Disappointingly, the race shirts in my size were gone when I got there. Each runner got a shirt before the race with a unique "race number" printed on the shirts. Everyone wore their shirt for the race. It was pretty cool ... at least a good photo op for Finish Line and Nike. I ended up with a different Human Race shirt of the same bright red color.

More than ever, I believe Nike has an excellent idea with this race but the execution leaves much to be desired.

weight = 159#
water, GrapeNuts cereal & skim milk

Clif bar & Gatorade

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